Should I See a Doctor After a Car Wreck Even If I Don’t Have Symptoms

Should I See a Doctor After a Car Wreck Even If I Don’t Have Symptoms

No matter the speed or type of impact, a vehicle accident is always traumatic. People don’t want to spend their time and energy visiting a doctor for minor pain or no pain. This is almost always a mistake. Don’t try to force the injury or push it away. You can recover quickly if you seek medical attention as soon as possible after an injury from a car accident. You should always immediately visit a doctor after a car wreck.

At Florida Medical Pain Management we treat injuries such as brain injury, neurological damage, and spine injury.

How Car Accident Injuries Can Be Affected By Adrenaline or Endorphins

An auto accident can trigger the body to produce more adrenaline or endorphins. These chemicals aid victims in getting through trauma. They also help to reduce or block pain.

These hormones can affect the pain levels. If someone feels fine after an accident, it does not necessarily mean they are not hurt. It likely means that their fight-or flight chemicals are blocking any pain that may be present. The pain usually starts to develop once the excitement has ended and the body stops releasing these chemicals.

You may feel fine after an auto accident but you might be hurt and require treatment. You may experience symptoms that take several days to develop. This can lead to delayed healing, further pain, and injury. To diagnose and treat injuries immediately following an accident, it is important to seek a medical evaluation.

Soft Tissue Damage After a Car Accident

Accidents involving cars at any speed can cause a lot of force to be exerted upon the driver and passengers. This force can easily injure soft tissue made up of muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Whiplash is the most common soft tissue injury in automobiles. It occurs when the neck and head are suddenly jerked in response to the impact.

Whiplash may cause pain, swelling, or reduced mobility. Although whiplash is quite common in auto accidents, it doesn’t always occur immediately. It can take hours or even days before the pain starts to appear. The quicker and more thorough the recovery process can begin, the earlier soft tissue damage is diagnosed.

Soft tissue injuries include strains, bruises and tendonitis, ligament, tendon ruptures and nerve damage. Because of the nature and severity of car accidents, any sudden stop in movement that causes the body or parts to move in ways they shouldn’t can lead to soft tissue injuries.

Car Accident Brain and Head Injury

Concussions are something that everyone is familiar with. However, most people assume that concussions do not occur if they experience unconsciousness, disorientation or other symptoms. Head injuries and concussions can be very serious if the head is injured in an accident.

Some head injuries are easy to recognize, while others can take longer to notice. A possible concussion can cause blurry vision, cloudy thinking, and inability to focus. These symptoms can not be noticed for several hours or even days after the accident.

TBI (traumatic brain injury) due to vehicle accidents was responsible for 14% of all TBI related emergency room visits in 2013. TBI can be caused by any injury that causes the brain to function differently (e.g., a car accident). It can range from very mild to quite severe. TBIs are usually mild, but it is important to seek medical attention immediately for any unusual symptoms.

Seek Medical Attention

Even minor symptoms like a headache or neck pain can be a sign of a more serious problem. If left untreated, it can lead to more severe problems. You or your loved one should seek medical attention immediately if you notice any unusualities following an auto accident. Seek out an Accident Doctor as soon as possible after a car accident injury.

Many times, injuries caused by a vehicle accident are not immediately felt. It is important to seek medical attention as soon as you feel any pain or discomfort, or if you have no symptoms at all. Injuries from a car accident can cause pain, swelling, and confusion within hours or days. An auto-injury doctor will not only help you to diagnose any immediate injuries quickly but also advise you on what to do if other symptoms develop.

Treatments We Offer

Do you want to live a productive, full and happy life? At Florida Medical Pain Management, we’re here to help you realize your dreams with our team of skilled healthcare professionals. Our mission is to provide the best patient care while treating people with respect and compassion. We believe that good patient care begins with education and counseling of our patients on their pain management concerns. Our treatments include:

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Florida Medical Pain Management provides high quality treatment for a range of pain and general health conditions. We utilize proven methods, including medication management and ketamine infusion therapy, to provide relief from a variety of conditions. Florida Medical Pain Management has an excellent track record of offering the most effective pain management treatment available, even under the toughest of cases. Our comprehensive approach to chronic pain centers around our philosophy that truly effective treatment starts with education, both in terms of the patient’s condition and their options with regards to treatment. This should be something they never outgrow.

For proper diagnosis and treatment, it is important to see a doctor after a car wreck. Our team has the experience to treat auto accident injuries that your regular doctor might not. Our medical professionals will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that is tailored to your injuries and pain levels. Florida Medical Pain Management also has the expertise to bill your PIP insurance. This is something that many family doctors lack. You can get proper medical care and not worry about billing. Call us today to visit a doctor after a car wreck!


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