Ketamine Infusion Benefits

Ketamine Infusion Benefits

Medicine is always changing. Some drugs that were thought only to be helpful for one condition have now been shown to be effective in treating multiple ailments. Ketamine is one of those drugs that has been proven to be effective in treating more conditions than the original purpose. Ketamine was originally used for anesthetic soldiers and surgeons on battlefields and operating tables. However, it is being shown to promise a treatment of major depression and neuropathic pain. Let’s look deeper at how ketamine injections can be used to help people with chronic pain or mental health issues, as well as Ketamine Infusion benefits.

What Ketamine Infusions Can Treat

Patients with severe depression or other mental disorders are the most common users of ketamine injections. Ketamine infusions work quickly, unlike traditional mental health treatments that take several months to begin to work. Patients often notice a reduction in their symptoms as soon as they begin ketamine injection treatments. Patients with severe depression and suicidal thoughts are good candidates for ketamine injections due to the speed at which these treatments begin to work.

Patients suffering from chronic pain can also benefit from ketamine infusions. You can treat the following types of pain with ketamine infusion:

  • Neuropathic pains include
    • Chemotherapy-induced
    • Nerve injury-induced (from surgery, an accident)
    • Diabetic
  • Chronic neck and back pain
  • Severe fibromyalgia
  • Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).
    • This kind of pain is common after an injury

Benefits of Ketamine Infusion Treatment

Patients who receive ketamine infusions experience a reduction in their depression and chronic pain. Patients who have tried other options and failed to find the right treatment with ketamine infusions are often recommended. Some patients find that ketamine infusions can make their lives easier, or more pain-free.

The procedure does not require any surgery. This is a great option for patients who have exhausted all options, including therapy and medication.

Other Benefits Include

  • Quick and efficient results
  • About 70% of patients see results
  • Side effects are rare and usually mild.

How It Works

Ketamine infusions are relatively easy for patients. An IV is connected at the doctor’s office. The IV contains a mixture of ketamine as well as saline. The IV is left in place for between one and three hours depending on the doctor’s instructions. The IV then drips the ketamine into the patient. The patient will be allowed to rest for up to 30 minutes after the infusion has ended. Patients may feel tired and disoriented after treatment. The treatment usually takes 1-3 sessions to show its effects.

Many patients who had previously struggled to find relief with other treatments have seen promising results from ketamine infusion therapy. You can ask your doctor if ketamine injection therapy is right for you.

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