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Florida Medical Pain Management is a healthcare provider that offers ketamine treatment in Florida. We specialize in treating various medical conditions, including arthritis, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.


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Chronic pain is persistent pain that lasts more than 12 weeks. It could be due to an injury or degenerative changes as you age. A variety of medical conditions can cause chronic pain. Chronic pain can impact your health and ability to move.

Florida Chronic Pain Treatment the following causes of chronic pain:

  • Cancer
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Nerve compression
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Joint Disease or Injury
  • Torn ligaments and cartilage

Another cause is Complex Reflex Sympathetic Region Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which is a type of chronic pain. The neurological system malfunctions and causes it to affect your skin, muscles and bones. After surgery, you may continue to experience pain.

Florida Chronic Pain Treatment can help you if your pain is persistent and cannot be controlled by home care or medications available over the counter. The medical team will review your family and personal medical histories, as well as your job and other activities. The medical team will talk about how pain is affecting you and where the pain is most severe.


florida chronic pain treatment


FMPM available treatments

Florida Medical Pain Management has a team that is made up of experts in pain management who can assist you with managing your pain. Your provider may recommend nerve blocks, steroid injections to relieve pain. These injections inject anesthetics or steroids directly into affected joints.

The team also offers radiofrequency ablation. Radio waves are used to destroy pain-causing nerves in this minimally invasive procedure. If you have back pain that does not respond to conventional treatments, your Florida Medical Pain Management may recommend a spinal stimulator.

Attaching electrical leads to the nerves of the spine is required. The leads are then connected to the control device. It sends electricity directly into the nerve. These currents stop pain signals reaching your brain. Ketamine infusions are also available for severe chronic pain relief. Ketamine can be delivered directly to the bloodstream via IV for immediate and lasting pain relief.


florida chronic pain treatment


What is Ketamine Infusion and how does it work to relieve chronic pain?

Infusions of ketamine can relieve chronic pain through a change in the brain’s processing of pain signals.  Ketamine is thought to interact with a type of brain receptor called the Nmethyl-Daspartate receptor (NMDA).  The Ketamine blocks the NMDA-receptor, which interferes with pain transmission, resulting in a reduced perception of pain. Ketamine is also shown to reduce chronic pain with a rapid, sustained and long-lasting effect.

Ketamine’s exact mechanism for relieving pain is not yet fully understood. Further research is required to understand its full effects. Its ability to reduce chronic pain for many patients has led it to be used more in clinical settings to manage chronic pain.

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