PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

Your scalp can shed up to 100 hairs per day. Although that may sound like a lot of hair, most of the time, they grow back. However, if you are one of the millions of men or women suffering from male- or female-patterned hair loss, your hair may not grow back. Hair loss can significantly impact your confidence and self-esteem. You don’t need to conceal your hair loss under a hat. Our regenerative medicine expert can help you regain your confidence and restore lost hair using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.


PRP Therapy for Hair Loss


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The Power of PRP

When you’re experiencing hair loss, it may be hard to believe that your body can regrow hair on its own. Sometimes, your body needs some assistance in harnessing its regenerative power where it’s needed most.

PRP treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that utilizes a blood sample from your own body. While your blood is primarily a liquid called plasma, it also contains solid components, such as red blood cells and white blood cells.

These tiny blood cells contain growth factors, specialized proteins that aid in healing damaged tissues. To perform PRP therapy, we process a blood sample through a centrifuge, which separates the platelets from other blood components. This prepares the PRP for treatment.

The high concentration of platelets in your PRP therapy is then injected directly into your body, providing an immediate regenerative boost. This stimulation encourages your body’s natural healing and repair processes.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair grows in three stages from the follicles beneath your skin. You can lose up to 100 hairs from your head daily and still not go bald because each hair is in a different growth stage.

There Are Four Stages Of Growth:

  1. Anagen Phase: This is the growth phase of your hair cycle and can last between 2-7 years.
  2. Catagen Phase: The catagen phase typically lasts about 10 days. During this phase, your hair follicle shrinks and separates from your skin.
  3. Telogen Phase: Telogen is the resting phase for your hair follicle, lasting approximately three months. Your follicle will enter the anagen stage again after this resting period.

You may experience hair loss if your hair enters the telogen phase too early in the hair cycle.

The high concentration of platelets found in PRP can help prolong your anagen phase and prevent hair loss. For the best results, it’s recommended to start PRP therapy at the very beginning of hair loss.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss


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What to Expect from PRP Therapy

PRP treatment for hair loss is quick and requires no downtime. We prepare the PRP and then inject it directly into your scalp. For optimal results, we suggest monthly PRP injections for three months, followed by follow-ups every 3-4 months for two years.

The specifics of your PRP treatment may be determined by your genetics, age, and the pattern of hair thinning. According to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, PRP can increase hair growth in areas of thinning hair by up to 30% after four PRP treatments. 


The impact of hair loss on one’s confidence and self-esteem can be profound, but Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy offers a promising solution. By harnessing the regenerative power within your own body, PRP treatment stimulates natural healing and repair processes, specifically targeting the stages of hair growth. The high concentration of platelets in PRP can prolong the anagen phase, preventing premature hair loss.

This form of regenerative medicine provides a non-invasive and efficient solution, with quick sessions and no downtime. The recommended treatment plan involves monthly PRP injections for three months, followed by periodic follow-ups for optimal results. Research supports the efficacy of PRP, with a study indicating up to a 30% increase in hair growth after four treatments.

Say goodbye to concealing hair loss under hats and hello to regaining confidence with PRP therapy. Consultation with a regenerative medicine expert can pave the way for a personalized treatment plan, taking into account individual factors such as genetics, age, and the pattern of hair thinning. Embrace the power of PRP and restore not just your hair but also your self-assurance.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss


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Transform Your Hair, Transform Your Confidence!

Discover the Power of PRP Therapy for Hair Loss at Florida Medical Pain Management! Are you tired of struggling with hair loss and searching for a natural, effective solution? Look no further! Florida Medical Pain Management invites you to experience the revolutionary PRP Therapy for Hair Loss.

Why Choose PRP Therapy

Proven Results: PRP Therapy has shown remarkable success in promoting hair growth and restoring thickness.

Non-Invasive: Say goodbye to surgical procedures! PRP Therapy is a minimally invasive, outpatient treatment.

Your Body, Your Solution: PRP utilizes your body’s own platelets to stimulate hair follicles, promoting natural and lasting results.

Personalized Care: Trust the expertise of Florida Medical Pain Management for personalized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs.

Why Florida Medical Pain Management?

Expertise: Our skilled medical professionals bring years of experience and a commitment to delivering the highest standard of care.

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Reclaim Your Confidence Today!

Don’t let hair loss hold you back – take the first step towards a fuller, healthier head of hair with PRP Therapy at Florida Medical Pain Management. Contact us today or visit our website to schedule your consultation and embark on your journey to renewed confidence and vibrant hair!

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