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Car accidents occur frequently, with crashes happening multiple times daily. Although some accidents may be minor fender benders that do not result in any damage, many crashes produce damage to both the vehicles involved and their occupants. There are numerous accident-related injuries that require a doctor after a car accident.

Some injuries, particularly those that are more severe, can be seen immediately. Others may require treatment by an outpatient specialist. Not all symptoms appear immediately following a collision. This is particularly true for rear-end collisions or other minor accidents.

Many accident victims don’t seek treatment at a pain clinic because symptoms are delayed. Some delayed symptoms may indicate more serious problems. Even if your injuries aren’t critical, it is still important to seek treatment to avoid chronic or acute pain.


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Why Symptoms Take Time to Manifest

Many reasons exist why symptoms may not show up immediately after an accident. The chaos is one of the main reasons. Both drivers and passengers are in shock, trying to understand what happened. The drivers may be paying attention to their passengers and making sure that they are okay.

The drivers may have to move their vehicles out of harm’s way, depending on the location of the accident. For example, they might need to park them on the side of an occupied highway. The drivers will then exchange details such as their insurance policies, licenses, and contact information.

Most people tend to ignore physical symptoms when they are preoccupied with immediate concerns such as what to do about a damaged vehicle, being late to work, paying for the damage, etc.

Adrenaline and other chemicals rush through the body, which is another reason why accident victims may not think of seeking pain management. Chemicals help victims deal with stress and can mask symptoms of injuries. After the initial shock wears off, adrenaline begins to dissipate, and symptoms can begin.

Some injuries can take some time to develop, especially if you are distracted or using chemicals that mask symptoms. It may take several hours for the tightening of the muscles in the neck to lead to a headache. Accident victims should still visit a Pain Management Center, even if they feel fine after the accident.

Common Delayed Symptoms

It may take hours, or even days, for symptoms to show up after an accident. This is especially true if it is not a serious one. Many of the injuries that are common after a crash may take some time before they fully manifest themselves.

Neck Stiffness or Pain

After a car crash, whiplash is very common. This is especially true if there is a rear-end collision. The force of the collision causes the head to move forward and backward, sometimes quite violently. Whiplash can happen in low-speed collisions where the vehicle is not damaged.

The neck is affected by this motion, which damages ligaments, muscles, discs, and nerves. Common symptoms are stiffness and shoulder pain. Untreated neck damage continues to worsen. It can lead to changes in the cervical spine that result in nerve pressure. That is the reason why they need a doctor after a car accident.

If the nerves are not functioning as they should be, it can lead to a number of problems. Accident victims may also experience chronic pain if they don’t seek treatment. A specialist in pain management can diagnose whiplash and other causes of pain and develop a treatment plan that is effective for short- and long-term health.


Whiplash can also cause headaches when tight neck muscles pull on the base of the skull. This type of pain is often felt in the base of the skull and the back of the neck.

Other causes of headaches can be more serious. If the head hits an object such as a steering wheel, dashboard, or side door, it may hurt. As the headache continues, it can turn into a migraine. This may include nausea, vomiting, or sensitivity to light. A blow to the face may cause a concussion. The victim should seek treatment at a pain clinic.

The nerves of the neck can be pinched if the accident causes the cervical disc to slip. This type of migraine is caused by occipital neuropathy. It can be sharp, throbbing, or piercing.

A fracture of the skull may cause localized pain, nausea, slurred or persistent speech, confusion, and neck stiffness. This requires immediate attention. A subdural hemorrhage is another possibility for a headache that shows up later. Pain management doctors can diagnose this.


Doctor After a Car Accident


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Back Pain

Back pain is a common delayed symptom. Low back pain can be common following a rear-end or side-impact crash. This type of pain is often caused by damage to the back muscles and ligaments. If there is localized pain in one of the vertebrae on the spine, it may be a sign that this level has been damaged or fractured.


It is not uncommon to experience numbness, especially in the hands, arms, and fingers. This is particularly common if you have suffered whiplash. When the nerves that exit the cervical spine experience pressure or are injured, they can become numb and tingly. The nerves are unable to send signals to the extremities correctly.

Memory or Thinking Problems

A traumatic brain injury is one of the most common injuries caused by car accidents. Traumatic head injury (TBI) can be of different severity levels. If a victim of a car accident hits an object, they may experience a mild injury. It is possible that victims will not experience any symptoms at all or only a few. A foggy mind or difficulty remembering things are signs that damage may have occurred.

Concussions are sometimes equated with a loss of consciousness. A mild TBI may cause a brief loss of consciousness, but there may not be any loss. It is important that a person who is experiencing confusion, fatigue, nausea, and headaches, as well as light sensitivity and dizziness, consult a pain management doctor to determine whether there has been brain damage and to what degree.

Most mild traumatic head injuries will resolve on their own after a few weeks. Working with a pain specialist and watching for any worsening symptoms can help minimize further damage.

Pain or Swelling in the Abdomen

Swelling in the abdomen could be a sign of internal bleeding. It can take a long time for the bleeding to appear, so you may not notice it for several hours or days. Deep bruising or fainting are also common symptoms. The condition is life-threatening, so the person should seek doctor after a car accident and immediate emergency care.

Anxiety or Depression

Not all delayed physical symptoms are physical. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can occur after an accident. Many accident victims are hesitant to drive or get into a vehicle in the days following an accident. However, this feeling usually goes away.

Doctors who specialize in pain management have noticed that around half of all collision victims suffer from mood disorders. Depression, anxiety, and substance abuse are common.

If these mood disorders persist for a long time and the crash victim has negative thoughts, intrusive memories, and avoids social and family functions, it is likely that he or she is suffering from post-traumatic disorder (PTSD).

According to studies, anywhere between 25 and 39% of accident victims suffer from PTSD 30 days or more after a car accident. A pain management clinic will be able to recommend treatment and therapy for someone who is suffering from PTSD or any other mood disorder.

Pain Management Doctor After Car Accident Offer Treatment Options

Most people will seek care and treatment immediately after a serious crash, but fewer do so after a minor one, especially if there are no symptoms or pain. A motor vehicle accident victim should consult a pain management expert as soon as possible after the crash because many symptoms will not show up until later.

Pain Management

A pain management program may be needed if a crash victim continues to suffer from pain related to the injury months after the accident. Treatment methods include acupuncture and relaxation techniques. Pain management specialists will usually try conservative treatments first. If they do not work, then surgery may be recommended.


Some people may need to consult a neurologist after an accident. A neurologist can help treat traumatic brain injuries and work with other healthcare professionals to treat headaches and numbness.

A neurologist is needed if you have persistent weakness, uncontrollable spasms, or bladder problems, as well as vision and hearing issues. The diagnostic tools that a neurologist has are also able to detect issues that other doctors cannot.


Physical and mental rehab may be required by people who have suffered significant injuries or are recovering after a brain injury. Rehabilitation is used to help retrain injured areas to function as normally as possible.


Doctor After a Car Accident


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