Medical Imaging Scans

Different Types of Medical Imaging Scans

Your doctor might order medical imaging scans if you were involved in a motor vehicle collision. These scans allow the doctor to see what’s beneath the skin’s surface. Many types of medical imaging scans were developed over the past decade.

Each of these is vital for different purposes. The doctor will determine the best type of scan to use in your particular situation. This will allow the doctor to identify any injuries you might have sustained from the car accident. Here are some examples of medical imaging scans that a doctor might order. It is important to know how they work.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan

A magnetic resonance imaging scan is one of the most popular types of imaging scans. It’s often shortened to MRI. This is a scan that uses an enormous magnet to create a picture. This scan will require you to lie inside a huge tube. A magnet will circulate around your body, taking photos of the inside.

An MRI scan has many advantages. This can provide a detailed image. This is a great tool for taking photos of soft tissues, including ligaments and tendons. Aside from that, MRI does not require radiation. It also reduces your chances of suffering cellular damage.

An MRI scan produces exceptional images. It is a unique imaging modality that can produce detailed images that are not possible with other options. We are proud to offer MRI scanning to motor vehicle accident victims here at Florida Medical Pain Management.


An x-ray is the oldest type of medical imaging scan. An x-ray is a narrow, weak beam of radiation that passes through the body. A plate is placed on the back of the part to be imaged. This plate captures radiation as it passes through the body. The imaging scan creates an image that is based on density. White images are produced by dense tissues such as bone. While darker issues such as liquid and air are light. Different tissues will show up differently because x-rays can pass through solid surfaces more quickly than liquid or air.

An x-ray has many benefits. It is an easy imaging method that produces images in a matter of seconds. This imaging scan is also very affordable and capable of revealing serious injuries such as bone fractures.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

A CT scan is another common imaging scan. This was once called a CAT scan, but it is now called a CT scan. This imaging scan is basically an x-ray in three dimensions. The CT scan rotates quickly around the imaged body part, creating a three-dimensional image. A CT scan has the greatest advantage of producing a detailed image in a matter of seconds. However, it can be dangerous because it emits a lot of radiation. Before ordering a CT scan, your doctor will talk to you about this.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan

A doctor might order a positron emission scan. The most common use of this scan is to diagnose cancer. This scan measures how fast cells metabolize nutrients and produce an image. This is because cancer cells are quick to metabolize nutrients, so they will appear dark in this imaging scan. This scan is used in oncology, but it does have other uses.


An ultrasound scan may also be ordered by your doctor. This scan uses sound waves to create a live image. The sound waves travel through dense materials quickly while the sound passes through soft materials slowly. Lighter materials appear darker while dense materials are white. Ultrasound is an excellent scan as it is quick, inexpensive, and doesn’t require radiation. Despite not producing the best image, an ultrasound is very useful in emergency situations due to its quick and simple use.

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