It Is Very Important To See a Doctor After an Auto Accident

It Is Very Important To See a Doctor After an Auto Accident

Are you a victim of a motor vehicle collision? Every day, hundreds are injured in car accidents. You will likely check your injuries immediately after an auto accident. If you feel no pain, you may decide to continue your life. Do not make this mistake. You should instead see a doctor after an auto accident regardless of how serious it was.

Your adrenaline levels will spike immediately after a car accident. This adrenaline can mask serious injuries. You should not ignore injuries as they can get worse and prolong the treatment process. You should see a doctor immediately after a collision with a motor vehicle. This will allow the doctor to quickly identify any injuries and develop a treatment plan.

Common Injuries After an Auto Accident

These are some of the most common injuries that you could sustain in a motor vehicle accident:

  • Whiplash – This is the most common injury in auto accidents. This happens when your neck moves quickly from one side to the other. This can lead to stiffness and soreness in the neck, as well as a strain on the upper cervical ligament.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – You may sustain a traumatic brain injury if you hit your head against the dashboard or steering wheel. The severity and scope of these injuries can vary greatly. Concussions and cerebral contusions are some of the most common. Skull fractures are also common.
  • Abdominal Injuries – Abdominal injuries can also be caused by motor vehicle accidents. Your abdomen may be vulnerable even if you have a seatbelt. Your abdomen may be subject to blunt force trauma or a penetrating wound.
  • Knee Injuries – Knee injuries may also occur in an accident involving a motor vehicle. Your knees could be struck on the dashboard if your legs move forward slightly. This could lead to a PCL strain, which may require surgery.

These types of injuries are very common in motor vehicle accidents. It is important to seek out a qualified doctor to diagnose and treat them. The longer you wait the worse the injuries can become and the lower the chance you have for compensation for your injuries.

Be Sure To Not Overlook Important Injuries

It is crucial to see a doctor immediately after an accident in order to make sure that these injuries are not neglected.

After a collision, you will feel a lot more adrenaline in your body. Even though you are injured, you might not feel any discomfort. You should not ignore injuries that don’t immediately show symptoms. It might be harder to fully recover if these injuries are not treated.

Avoid Potential Complications After Auto Accidents

Avoid potential complications from serious injuries. You could experience further complications if your injuries aren’t diagnosed by a doctor. You might feel mild abdominal pain following an accident.

While it is possible for stomach pain to resolve by itself, there are also chances that you may have a more serious injury. A motor vehicle accident could cause abdominal pain. This could indicate internal bleeding. This is a serious medical emergency that must be addressed immediately. This can increase your chance of getting a serious condition if you wait to see a doctor after an accident.

Get Back To Normal As Soon As Possible

You want to get well as soon as possible. A doctor can help you recover the fastest. It is important to consult a qualified healthcare professional to help you create a comprehensive treatment plan. You should still see your primary care physician or accident doctor even if you have been to the emergency department after an accident. While an emergency room doctor may stabilize you, you must complete your recovery by creating a comprehensive plan. 

For Legal Action, Medical Records Are Important

You might also need to file legal action after a motor vehicle accident. No matter if you are going to sue the other driver or go through insurance, you will need medical records. You should not be responsible for medical bills if the accident was not your fault. An attorney for personal injury can help you pursue damages. However, medical records are required to prove what has happened.

Your injuries will determine the value of any potential personal injury case. The more severe your injuries, the more you can recover. You won’t have a medical record if you don’t see a doctor after a motor vehicle accident. 

You should immediately visit the doctor if you believe you may be able to pursue legal action after a motor vehicle accident. This will provide evidence of your injuries and a paper trail.

After a Auto Accident, Make An Appointment With Florida Medical Pain Management

It is crucial to see a doctor immediately after you are involved in a motor vehicle collision. Your injuries can be treated faster if they are detected early. You will also be able to recover faster if you have your injuries diagnosed early. Florida Medical Pain Management is a trusted local healthcare provider who can assist you after an auto accident. We are always available for appointments and would love to assist you after a motor vehicle accident. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our experts!


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