Interventional Pain Management

Benefits of Interventional Pain Management

Your life doesn’t have a constant battle with chronic pain. There are many benefits to choosing interventional pain management over other methods of healing. Although medication may reduce your pain, you might need to endure side effects for several weeks before you get the relief you desire. Surgery can provide immediate relief. However, they are expensive and invasive. Interventional pain management, on the other hand, stops the pain at its source using minimal or no invasive procedures. Let’s look at more benefits.

Fast Results with Direct Treatment

Florida Medical Pain Management offers a range of treatments to manage chronic pain. Interventional pain management is a direct method of treating chronic pain. These methods are also more effective and heal faster. Advanced treatments such as joint injections and epidurals can help relieve joint pain and arthritis. Injections can reduce your pain in as little as one day. These treatments can be combined with therapy to improve mobility.

There are also other interventions for pain:

No Dependency and Long-Term Relief

There is always the possibility of becoming addicted to narcotics or other medications. You might also find that the medication you were prescribed for pain may no longer be effective. This could lead to increased doses, new medications, or a combination thereof. Our procedures can provide pain relief for many months, if not years. These techniques can reduce the need for medication and even eliminate it completely. The difference can be significant both financially and physically if there isn’t an endless supply of drugs.

Minimal Invasive Treatments

Surgery can be a permanent treatment for chronic pain. These surgeries are not always successful and can lead to infection or other serious complications. It is possible to have multiple procedures. Interventional pain management is quick and simple. Just one quick injection and you’re done. It provides immediate relief without the risks associated with surgery.

Restore, Not Bandage Your Body

Florida Medical Pain Management offers regenerative medicine treatments that can help you heal your body, not numb it. Stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, and other cellular therapies can be used to strengthen and rebuild areas of the body. These treatments can restore cartilage damaged by arthritis and reduce inflammation which can lead to osteoarthritis. We can not only relieve your pain but also revitalize certain areas of your body.

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No matter how severe or chronic your pain is, our interventional pain management techniques can directly target and alleviate it. These benefits outweigh the risks associated with invasive surgery and narcotics. 

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