Ketamine Infusion: Guide for Beginner’s


Ketamine Infusion

Ketamine is the only FDA-approved psychedelic that is currently legal in the United States. You might have heard of ketamine being used as a recreational drug or to calm animals, but you may not know what to make of it. Standard treatments may not be helping you with depression, anxiety, or OCD. You might even have a friend or family member who would benefit from ketamine injections. There are many sources of information, some good and some not so good, to help you understand ketamine’s role as a treatment for mental disorders. Welcome to our ketamine infusion beginner’s guide. We’ll go over the basics.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine, a general anesthetic approved by the FDA in 1970, was synthesized for the first time in 1960. Ketamine inhibits glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, which binds and activates the NMDA receptor. It is well known that blocking the NMDA receptor increases brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNF).

Increased BDNF leads to increased neurogenesis and neurological plasticity. This can help those who suffer from chronic pain or depression restore synaptic strength and neuronal activity in the prefrontal cortex and reset their brain to a healthier condition.

To learn more about how ketamine functions, check out: 4 Mechanisms for How Ketamine Works.

Ketamine is used for pain management and sedation in emergency rooms and operating rooms. Ketamine is a drug with a colorful past. It has been used as an “animal tranquilizer” in veterinary medicine and even for recreational use at clubs. Ketamine is used as a sedative by millions of people around the world. The World Health Organization has included ketamine on its list of essential medicines.

Ketamine is available in several forms for delivery into the body: orally (as a pill), intranasally (inhaled into the nose), intramuscularly (injected into muscle), and intravenously (into veins). The majority of ketamine clinics administer ketamine intravenously as a slow drip. Other clinics may offer ketamine as a slow infusion in combination with psychotherapy.

Ketamine Infusion



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Why do doctors use ketamine?

Doctors use ketamine to treat depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Compared to other treatments such as SSRIs, ketamine has a unique set of properties that allows for rapid and effective relief.

Ketamine is used “off-label” when it is administered to patients for these treatments. This means that the FDA has not approved the use of ketamine in this specific way. FDA approval of an indication requires several stages of research to assess the safety and effectiveness for that particular use. In 1970, the FDA approved ketamine for use in diagnostic and surgical procedures without skeletal muscle relaxants. All other uses were considered “off-label.”

Who shouldn’t get ketamine?

Understanding the effects of ketamine will help you determine who shouldn’t use it. Ketamine increases heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac function in people with uncontrolled heart conditions. Ketamine can be used for analgesia during medical procedures or operations. Ketamine’s dissociative properties allow doctors to perform surgery and procedures without causing patients pain. According to research, this dissociative property has also been linked with improved antidepressant effects when ketamine is infused. However, receiving ketamine infusions can actually worsen conditions characterized by delusions or hallucinations.

Ketamine infusions are not recommended in certain situations. Find out more about the 7 types of people who should not receive ketamine.

Where can I get ketamine infusions?

You can find ketamine clinics in major cities like  Florida, New York, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. Due to the effectiveness of ketamine, more and more clinics are opening, providing more treatment options for patients. It can be hard to determine who and where you should go for treatment. Many people use Google and Yelp to find our clinic.

You may find that there are a lot of clinics to choose from. How can you choose which clinic to visit? There are variations in the setting and environment of most clinics. We do ketamine infusions the standard way, but the environment in which the infusion takes place and the experience can vary greatly from one clinic to another. Be sure to speak to the clinic’s clinical team before booking an appointment.

Find out the Best Ketamine Clinic for You to help you decide what might be a good match for you!

What is the ketamine experience when I have an infusion?

Ketamine is unique, and no two people have the same experience. Depending on how much ketamine you take and how long it takes to infuse, you may feel anything from increased awareness of your body to feelings of gratitude and love.

According to Dr. Eli Kolp, there are four types of “ketamine-induced normalized states of consciousness,” including:

  1. Empathogenic Experience
  2. Out-of-Body Experience
  3. Near-Death Experience
  4. Ego-Dissolving Experience

This dissociative property is what will give you the experience with ketamine. In some ketamine clinics, this dissociative effect is seen as an unwanted side effect. Reset Ketamine believes that dissociation is essential to healing, supported by scientific research.

It is important to prepare your mind and body for the experience. You should also choose a clinic where you feel safe and supported. Check out To Learn More About How to Prepare for and Integrate from a Ketamine Infusion.


In conclusion, ketamine infusions have emerged as a promising treatment option for individuals struggling with mental health disorders, particularly depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. With its rapid onset of action and potential to promote neuroplasticity, ketamine offers hope for those who have not found relief with conventional treatments. If you or a loved one are considering ketamine therapy, it is essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional to determine if it is a suitable option and to ensure safe and effective treatment. Remember, ketamine can be a powerful tool when used intentionally, but it is just one component of a comprehensive treatment plan. With the right approach, support, and guidance, ketamine infusions can contribute to significant improvements in mental health and overall well-being

Ketamine Infusion

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