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Is It Normal To Feel Worse Pain After PRP Injection

The use of PRP injection is a common treatment for many cosmetic and medical conditions. It’s non-surgical and requires almost no downtime, although most variables, such as the sharpness and length of the needle or the injection technique.

Blood clots are possible

A blood clot can also cause pain after a PRP treatment. This can happen when an untrained provider accidentally hits an artery during the actual injection. Fortunately, this side effect is very rare and can be avoided by ensuring that your PRP results are not immediate. In rare cases where a patient does not respond well to the injections, it may explain why they feel worsening symptoms after treatment. If you think that your condition has not improved after PRP injection, consult your doctor to discuss alternative treatments.

How long does the pain usually last?

It is safe to assume that if there are no unusual reactions to the pain after the injection, the sensation should last at least one to two weeks before subsiding on its own. If there is persistent pain or other symptoms like cramping, redness, and prolonged swelling, this could be an indication of a blood clot that should be treated right away.

Other than that, as long as the procedure was done safely and successfully, the pain from the preparation of PRP can affect the concentration and function of platelets, influencing the results and the rate of new tissue growth in the treated area.

PRP Injection Can Cause Other Side Effects.

PRP is a natural treatment that uses the patient’s blood platelets. There are virtually no serious risks or allergies associated with it. Other common side effects can occur, including:

1. Bruising:

   Bruising can happen when the needle punctures a blood vessel at the surface of the skin and blood leaks out. These bruises usually look like a discolored area around the injection site. The majority of bruises will disappear in 7-10 days as the blood is absorbed by the body.

2. Soreness, stiffness:

   After a PRP treatment, patients may experience stiffness or tenderness in the joints, making it difficult to move them. Most of the discomfort will subside within 3 to five days.

3. Localized infection:

   To avoid infection, only use clean and sterile instruments when administering PRP. Even though it is not as invasive as surgery, PRP still needs to be injected directly into the joint. Using dirty needles can increase the chance of infection.

PRP injection


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How To Manage Pain And Other Side Effects Of PRP

Following the instructions for aftercare is important to ensure a smooth and safe recovery. Here are the best post-PRP techniques to reduce pain and achieve optimal results:

  • Ice packs can be applied to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Rest and avoid strenuous activities for 48 hours after your procedure. Rest and avoid strenuous movements or activities for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on your ligaments, especially if you have had PRP injection to treat knee pain.
  • If you are managing pain after an injection, avoid using anti-inflammatory medications such as Naproxen or Advil, as these may interfere with healing.
  • After steroid injections, avoid taking them for at least two weeks.

Use Of PRP In The Treatment Of Pain And Injuries

The PRP procedure is minimally invasive and usually involves three steps. What happens during a treatment session?

1. Blood Extraction:

   The first step is to draw blood from the patient. A small needle will be used by the provider to obtain a blood sample for the PRP serum.

2. Centrifugation:

   After the blood has been collected, the machine is used to separate the platelets from white blood cells and erythrocytes. The main blood cell, the platelet, is important for wound healing and tissue development.

3. Injection:

   The PRP serum will be ready in 5-10 minutes and injected into affected ligaments and joints. Doctors use ultrasound imaging most often to ensure that injections are made in the correct area.

PRP Can Treat A Variety Of Conditions

PRP treatment is an excellent alternative to surgery, cortisone, and corticosteroid infusions. It has natural healing and reparative abilities. It can be combined with physical therapy to improve many conditions, including:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Knee arthritis
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Joint pain
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • ACL tear: complete or partial
  • Tendon damage
  • Patellar tendinopathy or Jumper’s Knee

PRP injection


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