Work Related Injuries

Work should be a safe place, but it’s also possible to be injured due to your job duties and need treatment. If you’re dealing with acute or chronic pain as a result of work related injuries, the team at Florida Medical Pain Management can help. With offices in St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Spring Hill, Florida, men and women who’ve suffered a workplace injury have an option to find relief and recourse. Call the nearest office or book online to take advantage of the latest techniques and treatments to help with your pain.


Work Related Injuries Q & A

What are the most common work-related injuries?

Workplace injuries don’t always involve dramatic falls or back strain due to heavy lifting. Workplace injuries can happen anywhere, even at your desk. Using a computer keyboard, working on the factory line, and repeatedly unloading packages can cause strain.

The most common injuries due to work duties include:

  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Machine entanglement
  • Slip-and-fall injuries
  • Falling
  • Automobile accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Overexertion
  • Collisions

Manufacturing jobs are most likely to cause on-the-job injury. Retail trade and construction are also high offenders. No person is completely safe from a workplace injury, so it’s important to have a medical practice like Florida Medical Pain Management on your side.

Work Related Injuries

When should I see a doctor for a work-related injury?

When you’ve been injured on the job, you should seek treatment right away. This goes for accidents, immediate pain, or chronic pain. Your place of employment should have a system in place to deal with on-the-job injuries, so follow your workplace procedures. If you need to file a workers’ compensation claim, we can help you fill out the relevant forms.

Outside of any concerns or issues that involve workers’ compensation claims, you should seek treatment if you’re experiencing pain or dysfunction. This includes carpal tunnel pain or numbness, back pain, and tendinitis.

If you’ve been injured at work, don’t delay in finding treatment. Call one of the offices of Florida Medical Pain Management right away.

How are these injuries treated?

How you’re treated will depend on the kind of injury you suffered. You’ll undergo a thorough review of your medical history and your symptoms. If you’ve experienced a specific incident or work-related task related to your pain, that too will be taken into consideration.

Once the team at Florida Medical Pain Management has a better idea of what’s causing your pain, they can develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan can include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Steroid injections
  • Epidural injections
  • Nerve blocks
  • Kyphoplasty for vertebral fractures
  • Spinal cord stimulation
  • Ketamine infusion therapy
  • Intrathecal and epidural infusion systems
  • Platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapies

If you’re suffering due to work related injuries or overuse, call Florida Medical Pain Management or book online at the closest office.