Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Specialist

If you have pain in your lower back due to sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, fusion surgery is an option. At Florida Medical Pain Management, with offices in St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Spring Hill, Florida, you get answers as to the extent of your SI joint pain, especially if more conservative treatments like medications and physical therapy fail to help you find relief. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online to speak to a Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Specialist.


Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Q & A

What is sacroiliac pain?

When you have misalignments in the sacroiliac joint, you experience pain in your lower back, hips, pelvis, and groin. This joint connects your hip bones to either side of the sacrum. The SI joint acts as a shock absorber between the lower body and the torso.

You can develop pain due to inflammation of the joint, too little motion, or too much motion. As many as 15-30% of cases of lower back pain are due to sacroiliac joint issues.

Who is at risk of developing sacroiliac joint pain?

Women who have been pregnant are at risk of developing SI joint pain. This is because of the changes in the pelvis that accompany pregnancy and childbirth. If you’ve undergone a lumbar spinal fusion, you’re also at greater risk of sacroiliac joint pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Fusion Specialist

When is sacroiliac joint fusion necessary?

When more conservative pain management techniques like pain medications, chronic manipulation, physical therapy, and injection treatments fail to help you find relief, fusion could be necessary.

Surgery is an option when you have symptoms like disabling lower back, groin or hip pain; instability in your lower back and pelvis that interferes with standing and walking; increased pain after sitting or standing for a long time; and stiffness in your hips, groin, lower back, and legs.

Before you’re rushed into a surgical solution, the team at Florida Medical Pain Management considers how effective the procedure will be for your condition, your health history, and how you’ll recover.

What is sacroiliac joint fusion surgery?

During fusion surgery, techniques that include a bone graft and instrumentation encourage bone growth over the sacroiliac joint. This creates one immobile joint unit, so you suffer less pain due to instability and inflammation.

At Florida Medical Pain Management, the doctors use the SIFix® system of fusion. This system allows for small incisions, which means you spend less time recovering, there’s less tissue trauma, and the amount of pain you experience after surgery is far less than it would be with other fusion techniques.

If you suffer from lower back, hip, or pelvic pain that suggests dysfunction in your sacroiliac joint, call the nearest office of Florida Medical Pain Management to learn more about a fusion procedure. You can also use this website to make an appointment.


In addition to these innovative treatments, the team may recommend lifestyle changes that help to relieve joint pain, such as modifying diet and exercise, physical therapy, and better nutrition for joint health. Treating your joint pain from several different angles is the best way to regain your mobility, decrease your pain, and get you back to the activities you enjoy most.

If joint pain is preventing you from enjoying life, call Florida Medical Pain Management or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.